Why Stress the Holiness of God?

I stumbled across a Ligionier National Conference Q&A from 2001. One statement that stood out for me was from R.C. Sproul on the holiness of God. Holiness can be such a taboo topic even in Christianity. But when a person really understands how the Bible defines holiness and God’s character, many of the common misconceptions are erased. Dwelling on the holiness of God daily is something that must be fundamental to the Christian life.

I’ll post the entire Q&A as well. If you want to fast forward to the quote, it is at minute 36:20.

“I focus my attention on the holiness of God, on the character of God. And because of that, some people get the impression that I must be a holy guy if I’m all that concerned about God’s character, but it is just the opposite. It is because I know I’m not holy. I realized that I will fool myself at any chance I have to lower the bar to discount what holiness really requires. And at the same time, inflate my own view of my own performance. And that’s why I need to have an Isaiah 6 experience everyday…. I have got to immerse myself in a study of the character of God, so that I can really begin to understand what He loves and what He hates, and how much he loves what he loves and how much he hates what he hates. We’re called in our sanctification to imitate God. And to do that, we’re called to have the mind of God and the mind of Christ.” (R.C. Sproul)

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