Manifestations of Pride Pt. 3

This is part 3 of Stuart Scott’s list about the different ways we can manifest pride in our lives. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

13. Being unteachable.

Many proud individuals know it all. They’re superior. They can’t seem to learn anything from someone else. They respect no one (Prov 19:20; John 9:13-34).

14. Being sarcastic, hurtful, or degrading.

Proud people can be very unkind people. Those who belittle other people usually want to raise themselves up above others. Very often this can be quite cleverly done through jesting. They may excuse themselves by saying, “That’s just the way I am. That’s my personality” (Prov 12:18, 23).

15. A lack of service.

Proud people may not serve because they are not thinking of others, or because they want to coaxed to serve and don’t want to continue if there is no praise. Needing recognition is a sure sign of the wrong motives in service (Gal 5:13; Eph 2:10).

16. A lack of compassion

Proud people are rarely concerned for others and their concerns. They cannot see beyond their own desires (Matthew 5:7; 18:23-35).

17. Being defensive or blame-shifting.

You will often hear a proud person say, “Are you saying it’s my fault?” or “Well, what about you?” They try to explain their sin (Genesis 3:12-13; Prov 12:1).

18. A lack of admitting when you are wrong.

A proud person will make a great many excuses such as, “I was tired,” or “I was having a bad day” (Prov 10:17).

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