Watson Wednesday

Thomas Watson is my favorite puritan. His book “Repentance” (a little paperback published by Banner) had a major impact upon me as a new believer. His style of writing can be summed up in one word: illustrative. He is a puritan known for his word pictures and imagery. His ability to bring visuals to the mind was a gift from God, and it is worthy to be emulated by any preacher. I’ve decided to periodically post excerpts from Thomas Watson on Wednesdays (hence the name “Watson Wednesday”). If you wish to read a brief bio on Watson, then click here. Here is an excerpt from the book “The Godly Man’s Picture.”

Whatever is not of God’s own appointment in his worship he looks upon as ‘strange fire’. And no wonder he is so highly incensed at it, for it is as if God were not wise enough to appoint the manner in which he will be served. Men will try to direct him, and as if the rules for his worship were defective, they will attempt to correct the copy, and superadd their inventions. A godly man dare not vary from the pattern which God has shown him in the Scripture” (Watson, pg. 35).


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