Proverbs Lectures by Bruce Waltke

In 2007, Bruce Waltke conducted a few lectures at Dallas Theological Theological Seminary called “The Fundamentals for Preaching the Proverbs.” Their YouTube channel uploaded these lectures on their account. During my Sunday school class on Proverbs, I found Waltke’s Proverbs commentary (Chaps 15-31) to be one of the better exegetical commentaries on the book. Though I may not … More Proverbs Lectures by Bruce Waltke

John Macarthur Preaches at 2016 Western Conservative Summit

On Sunday, July 3, 2016, John Macarthur preached at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit held at Colorado Christian University. A place where popular conservatives gathered to hear sessions and seminars on today’s political issues. Macarthur received an invitation to preach a message on the Sunday as a way of closing out the conference. I will … More John Macarthur Preaches at 2016 Western Conservative Summit

The G3 Conference

I stumbled across this Bible conference held every January in Atlanta, Georgia that could be a helpful resource to those in the area. They also post their message online, so it can also be another source of solid Bible teaching. Here is their mission statement: “The mission of the G3 Conference is to educate, encourage, … More The G3 Conference