Jealousy Versus Envy

Kevin DeYoung at T4G gave a message titled “The Never-Failing, Never-Changing, All-Surpassing Goodness of God.” I recommend the entire message to you, but for this post I want to highlight one of points in his message. In the transcription below, he discusses how “God wills for His goodness to be communicative” to the world, and … More Jealousy Versus Envy

Election Day: My Father’s World

I’ve been particularly interested in this year’s election like everyone else has been. After discussions with friends, family, and unbelievers about what political route is best for this country, there seems to be a general sense of disappointment from both sides of this polarizing presidential election. Everyone and their mother (really, mothers too) seems to be unsatisfied … More Election Day: My Father’s World